Tuesday Foods Australia

Tuesday Foods is a Fremantle based, Australian owned company, motivated by supporting sustainable fisheries and producers. They are opposed to the farming of fish and never use endangered species in their products. Tuesday’s premium preserved seafood is caught in the Atlantic Ocean and certified sustainable by the MSC. Being a disruptive force in the food industry, Tuesday Foods’ wanted to create new product packaging that reflected their company values and could be noticed amongst the sea of unethical and harmful seafood brands.

Our approach to creating stand-out packaging for this environmentally conscious, premium food brand, was to personify each of their products, giving character to the food they produce. This allowed consumers to connect with the brand on a more personal and cultural level, something that is highly considered by the Australian foodie.

The concept was executed with distinct, charming hand illustrations which were paired with amusing character names and typography combinations that were full of personality. The messaging is humorous and light hearted, while also supporting Tuesday Foods’ vision – high quality fish and ingredients, all ethically sourced.