Regional Livestock Exchanges

Client: RLX Australia

RLX are a premium livestock selling facility within Australia, responsible for business development, operation and management of major saleyards across Australia. RLX Group has a large, visible footprint within the regional areas in which it operates.

Brand Development

RLX’s mission to deliver genuine value to customers and investors became our principal consideration across all design and strategy. By workshopping and deconstructing RLX’s primary vision of being passionate, open-minded and forward focused within the industry we were able to identify six key company values:

Safety, Integrity, Competitiveness, Ethics, Innovation and Sustainability. These six values could be symbolically integrated into the development of RLX’s logo that is also an abstract representation of a saleyard, seen from bird’s eye view.

UX / UI Design

Following a full rebrand, Regional Livestock Exchanges required the development of an online ‘sale yard’. The desire was to create a seamless user friendly experience, so we were required to gain an understanding of all aspects of RLX and their customer base.

All UI elements were carefully designed for our users to easily navigate through the site as effortlessly they would a real sale yard. Information is conveyed conveniently and clearly, always maintaining the brand’s strong identity.