Tropical Agriculture Conference 2019

Client: University of Queensland (QAAFI)

TropAg is one of Agriculture’s leading bi-annual tropical events, devised to bring together the best in research and innovation across plant, animal and food sciences. Held in Brisbane, the conference seeks to celebrate and address challenges in tropical and subtropical agriculture and food production.

For an upcoming 2019 conference, we developed a brand refresh across all marketing collateral, with the objective to achieve branding that would inject excitement and show off the vibrancy of the Ag industry.

We infused bright tropical colours into the design to build brand consistency across the six sections of the event. We also wanted our ideas to artistically pay tribute to the conference’s mission statement, Shaping the Science of Tomorrow. To achieve this we combined complementary shapes and typography as well as heavily saturated photography to emulate the modern feel and technological distinction of the conference.

‘Shaping the science of tomorrow.’ A fusion of bright tropical colours, shapes and typography.

“Branding that injects excitement as well as aptly shows off the vibrancy of the Ag industry.”