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No one puts Agri Creative in the Corner

Here at Agri Creative, we are always looking for opportunities to enhance & promote our brand. In July we were thrilled to spend the morning with our Brand Strategist Mel, who ran a “brand-storming” workshop for us!

We started the workshop by attacking S.W.O.T. like a BOSS, which highlighted some key considerations and opportunities for us to consider as we continue to grow as an agri based business.

We then moved on to brand character, and were encouraged to allocate a specific archetype to Agri Creative (just as you would allocate a personality type to a human being).  This proved a constructive exercise,  particularly to better understand and consider each facet of the business and Agri Creative’s branding. There were 12 Archetypes to choose from, and Agri Creative sits nicely under two personality types,  “ The Creator, and  “The Regular Guy/Girl”. 

The Creator is driven by  “If you can imagine it, it can be done” and the desire to create things of enduring value. Their goal in life is to realise a vision, with their biggest weakness (as we all have at least one) is perfectionism. The Regular Guy/Girl is driven on success by connectivity, realism and empathy. In collaborating these archetypes, together the creator and the regular guy/girl work to connect people to the shared human experience through brand story: We are down to earth, unpretentious and passionate.  Importantly, we “get out of bed” to share the unique stories of ag brands, and helping them evolve to better connect.

A powerful thought for us to conclude the workshop:  Not every creative branding agency, ‘ can speak Ag’.  Hence a tongue in cheek reference to Dirty Dancing sweetly shaped our core mission.. ” “No one puts AG in the corner”.

Our core mission:  To preserve and share the unique stories of Australian agricultural brands, helping them evolve to better connect with their audiences.” 

We can’t wait for Mel to run Part Two of our workshop. 


The Agri Creative Team

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Face-to-Face at Farm Fest 2018

This month was all about networking – Taking Agri Creative on the road and into the promo tent at Toowoomba’s annual Farm Fest!

The festival presented multiple opportunities for our team, allowing us to meet with leading local and national agricultural companies face-to-face. Some of these companies included Landmark, Elanco, Tru Test, John Deer, Whites Group, Allflex, Gendore, Boehringer Ingelheim and Virbac.

We put a big importance on meeting the people behind the business, as it is a great and genuine lead to the stories behind the branding. Read more

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JBS Australia – Acres Beef Packaging Project

We are SO stoked to share our latest and greatest design project released this week for JBS Australia. Working with the absolute leaders in the beef game, Agri Creative had the opportunity to develop the new brand and packaging for their new certified organic beef range, Acres Organic Grassfed Beef.

Recognising the importance of building a brand that aligns with consumer demand is definitely a step in the right direction. We’re pretty sure with a design as bold as this, it’ll be hard to miss when it hits the shelves in March this year.

Acres Beef – “the very best, naturally raised on Earth.”   Read more

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Branding ScarletHemp!

Launching ScarletHemp Border Collie Breeders – Interview with ScarletHemp Founder Ruth Courts

Our much-loved ScarletHemp brand came to life earlier this year. It was wonderful to see this project develop from start to finish. With the help of the lovely owner Ruth Courts, we created a stylish logo and a website featuring the ScarletHemp dogs, Mack and Meg.

These dogs are absolutely beautiful and making this website was an absolute breeze! Photography plays a huge part in making a website look good, that’s exactly what makes this website so striking.

Thank you Ruth for getting these great snaps of Mack and Meg, we are really happy with how this has turned out! We also can’t wait to see more puppies and watch you continue to build your brand and connect with families online.

Read more

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Agri Creative @TheEkka



Standing out from the herd

Agri Creative was out and about to help celebrate the Champion of Champions female and male exhibits.

A HUGE congratulations to Milford Charolais and Viva Brahman for winning the competition.

We are thrilled to sponsor each of these fantastic winners!

We look forward to working with you and ensuring you #standoutfromtheherd. ?

Read more

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An Interview with Stahmann Farms

Going Digital

Australia’s fastest growing agricultural businesses, Stahmann Farm Enterprises, is a $50 million nut-trading business with its farm roots firmly embedded in the rich soils of northern NSW’s Gwydir Valley near Moree.

With 50 per cent of nuts being exported to China, Stahmann Farms recognised a huge opportunity to capture the Chinese market online. Creating an ecommerce website with the integration of a shop, we wanted to find out just how effective this platform is for the Stahmann Farms business.

Interview with Director, Matthew Durack.

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Why Agri Creative?

Australian agriculture is rapidly evolving. As the global demand for food surges, and telecommunications across regional Australia improve, the agriculture industry is entering a digital awakening. People are spending more time online, where they can easily access information, shop around, and connect with others. As a result, agricultural market behaviour is significantly changing.

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Rural businesses see opportunity to reach the world in the digital era

Small businesses in rural Australia are ahead of their counterparts in the capital cities when it comes to online strategies.

That is according to Google Australia head of small business and marketing Richard Flanagan, who said an increasing number of regional business owners understood they had more at stake in the digital revolution.

The tyranny of distance has always created challenges for rural businesses and many of those challenges can be overcome online.

“What we’ve found is, businesses in rural Australia are somewhat at the forefront of taking advantage of online technologies,” he said.

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Surge in online activity across the bush


By Beef Central, 28 August 2014

From the bush to the big capital cities, more and more Australians are going online, and they are using the internet much more intensively, the Australian Communications and Media Authority says.

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