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Launching ScarletHemp Border Collie Breeders – Interview with ScarletHemp Founder Ruth Courts

Our much-loved ScarletHemp brand came to life earlier this year. It was wonderful to see this project develop from start to finish. With the help of the lovely owner Ruth Courts, we created a stylish logo and a website featuring the ScarletHemp dogs, Mack and Meg.

These dogs are absolutely beautiful and making this website was an absolute breeze! Photography plays a huge part in making a website look good, that’s exactly what makes this website so striking.

Thank you Ruth for getting these great snaps of Mack and Meg, we are really happy with how this has turned out! We also can’t wait to see more puppies and watch you continue to build your brand and connect with families online.

How do you feel about your new ScarletHemp brand?

We love the new ScarletHemp brand. Prior to developing the brand, we had concentrated on being responsible Border Collie breeders eg. becoming Registered Breeders, doing DNA tests and passing exams to work as Therapy Dogs – but without marketing; to the public, we were just another “backyard breeder”. The Brand now shows the public who we really are – Quality, Responsible and Professional breeders with BIG love for our dogs!

How was your experience working with Agri Creative?

So much fun! What seemed like a daunting task turned out to be simple and enjoyable – Charlotte’s positivity is contagious and her timing impeccable – the website went live the day before our first ScarletHemp puppy was born!


How has it changed the way you do business? 

We have seriously embraced the power of social media since working with Agri Creative! We are now in the process of developing an online retail business and app to compliment our beautiful ScarletHemp Border Collies.


Tell me about how you will use your new website?

At this stage the website is all about building our presence in the “dog world.” We will use the website to sell puppies, but it will also be used as a building block for retail sales in the near future.

What did you find most challenging about getting your website up and running?

Taking the first step. We had been thinking about building a website for over 12 months but it always ended up in the too hard basket. Agri Creative was recommended to us by one of their clients. As soon as we made contact with them, the whole process was simple, informative and fun.

What’s your plans next for ScarletHemp? Do you have plans to expand your online platform from here?

More puppies & a very exciting project in the pipeline including an online retail store and app. Watch this space..

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